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Sri Lanka government introduced a new Electronic Travel Authorization Visa called ETA VISA for a short visit to Sri Lanka on 1st January 2012. Persons intend to visit Sri Lanka must have a valid visa issued by Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Tourists can apply online for Sri Lanka ETA which is completely electronic processing online submission and the approval for the same (authority to enter Sri Lanka) will be communicated via email.

Before applying for any type of ETA visa for Sri Lanka, visitor must be outside Sri Lanka and should posses a passport which is valid for at least six months period of time. Processing time for Sri Lanka ETA will take longer time than actual two business days, if the applicant’s submitted information is not accurate or if there is any mismatch with their passport document or involved in any criminal convictions.

Sri Lanka ETA is must for every visitor who wants to step inside Sri Lanka irrespective of age, gender. In case, Visitor’s passport contains their children’s information on the same passport, still they need to obtain an ETA by submitting their information in the online application form matching exactly as per the passport. If child is having an individual passport, then a separate application needs to submit for their ETA.

Nationals of the following countries who visit Sri Lanka for a Short Visit up to 30 days are exempt from ETA,
• The Republic of Singapore.
• The Republic of Maldives.
• The Republic of Seychelles

Srilanka Tourist Visa Fee
Type of Visa
Tourist visa with Double Entry for 30 days
Validity Up to 180 days
Processing Within 24 Hours
Embassy Fee $15
Service Fee $40
Total Cost $55
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